Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Terms & Conditions

Please read and agreed to the terms & conditions below before you make your orders.

1. Items sold are not refundable or exchangeable. A detailed description of every item has stated. Exchange of items is acceptable when there is 5cm stain, holes or cloths send out wrongly by us.)
1. 货物售出,恕不退换。我们只接受货品交换如果货品有大于5cm的污迹,破洞或者送错货品。

2. Color might be slightly different with the picture posted. However, We will state the actual color of the item.
2. 货品颜色或有少许色差。 货品的真正颜色会在照片中列下。

3. Buyer should allow within 1 inch discrepancies for the measurements stated on dresses due to different ways of measurement.
3. 买家需接受一寸以内的尺寸区别。这是因不同角度的测量而有所区别。

4. All items will only delivered after we have received your payment.
4. 我们收到汇款后才会把货送出。

5. Payment will be refund to you if the stock being ordered is out of stock.
5. 一旦遇到却货,我们会退款给你们。

6. Our factory is located at overseas. Shipping from overseas to Malaysia needs at least 10 days.
6. 我们的工厂处于海外。货物需要10天才会抵达马来西亚。

7. Shipment might delay due to weather, customs clearance and other unforeseen circumstances. Please be patient as we will ship the clothes out after we got it.
7. 货物会因天气因素,海关清货而延迟。请买家有耐性的等待,我们拿到货物就会尽快送出。

8. We will not hold responsible for complaint such as different color, not as nice as imagine, too small, too big, quality not as good as imagine, don’t like the color and etc.
8. 对于货品的色差,没有想象中的漂亮,太大,太小,品质没有想象中的好,不喜欢货品的颜色之类的投诉,我们一概不负责。

9. Please always contact us if you have further queries.
9. 有任何疑问请您联络我们。

10. By using this site, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.
10. 我们将以此页认定你已同意我们的购物条例。

Please send your order code and color to
We will reply within 24 hours. Please check your spam/junk mailbox if you can't get our reply in your inbox.
我们会在24小时以内回复你。如果您在inbox里看不到我们的回复,请您检查您的spam/junk mailbox.

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