Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How To Order

Please remember to check your spam/junk mailbox if you do not get our email in your inbox within 24 hours
如果您在24小时以内还在您的inbox里看不到我们的回复,请记得查阅您的spam/junk mailbox

1. Please read and agree with our
terms & conditions. All of the products come with description such as size, material, measurement, price and etc. Please go through it carefully.
1. 请阅读及接受我们的条例 。我们已经在货品里清楚注明货品资料如:尺码,质料,尺寸,价钱等。请您清楚地过目。

2. Please email ( the product code, colour, size (if any) and quantity to us once you have confirm your order.
2. 请邮件( 我们您所要订购的货品编号,尺寸(如有), 颜色和数量。

3. Please email us your name, shipping address and contact number as well.
3. 请邮件我们您的名子,地址和联络号码。

4. Please wait for our reply within 24 hours time. We will let you know the total amount of your order and our bank account which you need to make payment.
4. 我们会在24小时以内回复您所须要付的总额和我们的银行户口号码。

5. Please clear your payment within 2 days. You can make your payment using Online Banking, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit Machine or Cash Counter at the bank. Please email/sms us after you have made your payment.
5. 请在2天内缴清总额。您可以用网上转账,在提款机转账,现金存款等来缴付总额。汇款了请邮件或信息我们。

6. If you use Cash Deposit Machine which does not accept RM1 note, please bank in more and we will refund you the remaining by putting the change inside the clothes and ship to you.
6. 如果您用的现金存款无法接受RM1的散钱,请汇入多过于总额。我们会把你汇多的数目放入衣服内还给您。

7. We will proceed to your order. It will take 10-14 days to reach you. But please be reminded that, there might be delay due to the weather and custom clearance. Please be patient to wait for it.
7. 我们会把您的单呈上。货品大概要10-14天送到您给的地址。当中可能会有延迟。这是因为天气的影响和海关清货的原故。请耐心等候。

Enjoy your shopping~

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